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ZG · ZXZSD2-1000 x 4 - automatic linear turquoise TR sole injection moulding machine

Times:       Date:12-09-22
ZG · ZXZSD2-1000 x 4 - automatic linear turquoise TR sole injection moulding machine

performance characteristics:

① tertiary production TR TR and performance class of thermoplastic material or two-color Advanced footwear soles having excellent physical properties and appearance quality.
(2) with automatic transposition color mold rotating mechanism, the motif as 90o, 180o translocation, can automatically complete the two-color soles injection molding in the same station cabinet.
(3) tube temperature PID temperature control module controls, thermostats, to ensure product quality requirements.
④ station cabinet the independent analog station structure design, suitable for the needs of the scale of production.
⑤ injection seat shift can automatically detect mold station order to shift rapidly, positioning accuracy, positioning accuracy ≤ ± 1 mm.
⑥ to double the proportion of hydraulic pressure and flow control loops and electronic measurement ruler precise control of injection quantity, the relative accuracy ≤ 1%.
⑦ This machine has a safety device, pneumatic safety doors opening and closing and automatic ejection mechanism to ensure the safety of personnel operating.
⑧ refrigerating and air cooling system of the dual-function design template, so the minimum distortion products.

main technical parameters:

Public median   4,6
clamping force   1000KN
recommended mold size   (380 × 330 × 250) mm
screw diameter   φ65mm / φ65mm
ScrewL   18:1 / 18:1
injection pressure   68MPa
injection speed   10cm/sec
screw speed   0-160r.p.m
temperature control the number of segments   4
pneumatic system pressure   1MPa
electric power   15.2KW
motor power   48KW
Machine Weight   70kw
machine size   (7.5 × 3.2 × 2.2) m
production   100paris / h

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