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ZG. 6061 rubber sole automatic forming machine

Times:       Date:12-10-09
ZG. 6061 rubber sole automatic forming machine

the automatic molding rubber soles of ZG.6061 machine
Performance characteristics
1 has advanced steel making body molding, no fracture, no deformation of rubber soles machine. Let you in the shortest possible

time has the best production performance.
2 hydraulic control system, imported brands, the choice of the control system of the PC and PCL. Hydraulic centralized control

system, set coolers, filters, lengthen the service life of hydraulic components. Machine action is fast, smooth, mute

, action smoother. Production of the entire set for semi-the \ automatic continuous action, action Jieneng independent tone

3 monochrome and multicolor rubber soles, conductive rubber, automotive parts various molding of rubber products.
The main technical parameters:

Public median 6
clamping force 150t
layers 2
horsepower 20HP
heating mode electricity, steam, oil
capacity moduli space (450 × 500) mm
spacing 180mm
machine size (8.5 × 1.6 × 1.6) m
Mechanical Weight 12t

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